Things you need to know about Periodontal disease.

Occurrence periodontal diseases are common worldwide. Approximately 69 percent of adults are reported to suffer from this condition. Therefore, if you not careful, you can also develop gum problems. Early detection of this disease can ensure the removal of plaque buildup. It can also ensure that the condition does not progress to gingivitis over time.

The reasons for periodontal disease occurrence

Poor oral hygiene practices cause periodontal diseases. You can develop periodontal diseases if you don’t brush your teeth as recommended, or you don’t use brushing and flossing techniques. Daily brushing or flossing is essential because it can remove the bacteria that form the plaque responsible for calcification and breaking of teeth.

Treatment plan


The following is a step-by-step plan to facilitate the treatment of periodontal diseases. For periodontal disease treatment to work, be consistent with the plan.

Use completely natural products to brush your teeth.


The best products for toothbrushes are not tubes of toothpaste. Toothpaste cannot fight gingivitis effectively, especially since many of them contain high levels of chemicals that increase gum irritation. Instead, use natural bacterial killer products like charcoal to brush your teeth at least twice a day.



Flossing is an integral part of treating periodontal disease. Bleeding from the gums leads to bacterial build up between the teeth and gums. If you have gum pain, then you need flossing. The floss will remove food particles that allow bacteria to grow between the teeth and the gum line.

Beware of treatments for periodontal disease.


Fluoride products can lead to health problems. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol kill bacteria but will dry your mouth. Drying the mouth causes bacteria to grow faster than ever. Never expose your body to irritants and toxins, which may worsen the condition. If you can read the ingredient label, it’s best not to buy a product with harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients like charcoal from certain trees are effective in treating periodontal disease for generations.

Use natural remedies


The next step in a periodontal treatment plan is to apply a topical treatment to the gums. Periodontal diseases thrive in areas just below the teeth. Even when you brush and floss your teeth, the bacteria are not eliminated and will continue to irritate the gums. You need something that will act at the root of periodontal disease by killing bacteria.

See a dentist


The dentist is a specialist who can take the treatment of periodontal disease to the next level, especially if the condition is advanced. You may need several procedures conducted on you to reconnect the gums to the teeth. If you are using a specific treatment for periodontal diseases, your dentist will note your progress while giving you recommendations.



In general, the best solution to avoid getting any periodontal disease is improving oral hygiene. It can effectively control bacteria in the mouth and give your immune system a chance to restore gum health. That is why you must do regular dental checkups and cleanings regularly.



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