Coronavirus impact on Dental Industry

Among the many industries that have been impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic is the dental industry. The dental industry suffers a direct impact. When one is infected by the coronavirus, the virus starts multiplying in the mouth and throat. The numbers of the virus are, therefore, very high in salivary secretions.

Workline threat

The nature of the work of dentists includes interacting directly with the mouths of patients. This poses a risk of contracting the coronavirus to the dentist. When a patient visits the dentist, it is not easy to determine whether the patient is positive for COVID-19. This is because some patients may be asymptomatic carriers, whereas those that show signs may have symptoms that mimic the flu.

With regard to these, there has been a strain on a face to face dental appointments. It is not a fear for the dentists but also the patients. Patients may be skeptical of the direct contact involved in dental screening as direct contact is a risk for spreading the coronavirus. As a result, the number of patients visiting dentists has declined. Some dental hospitals have also been closed for the same reasons.

Consultation services

Some dentists have opted for online consultation options. However, this form of consultation is not very useful, especially when the dentist needs to do further screening using dental tools. Often the dentists resort to prescribing painkillers during the online consultations, which are not very conclusive.

Use of PPEs

An increase in the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has been experienced. As a policy, dentists should use PPE when dealing with their patients. Moreover, the dental procedure has been lengthened as some hospitals require that patients get screened for COVID-19 before visiting a dentist. Such a requirement is both expensive and time-consuming. These disadvantages may discourage dentists from offering their services and patients from seeking dental care.

As long as COVID-19 is a global pandemic, the dental industry will continue to experience inevitable crises.



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