The Amesbury Dental Associates team is offering fixed implant supported prothesis in addition to the expansive list of dental services currently provided. Say hello to those hard-to-chew foods like steak, corn on the cob, and apples with these impressive dental implants.

The fixed imp is a screw-retained implant that can replace an entire teeth arch on the top or bottom. Of all the implant options in Amesbury, this is the most functional one that will act, feel, and look like natural teeth. It is a permanent solution and reinvigorates chewing ability – even more than traditional dentures.

Why Choose Fixed Implant Supported Prothesis? 

Missing teeth is not something to be embarrassed about. Over 25 million Americans are missing all of their lower or upper teeth. With the help of dental implants, these people can avoid the hassle and discomfort of dentures while restoring confidence in a smile. Replacing missing teeth with implants brings new life to your smile!

What Are the Benefits Over Dentures?

Many people question why you would choose implants over dentures. A fixed prothesis will act like natural teeth without the risk of falling out.

Some other benefits of implants include:

  • Replacing all teeth
  • Functions and feels like natural teeth
  • Preserves jawbones
  • Restores chewing capacity
  • Can be done in a day
  • Resolve bite or joint pain issues caused by missing teeth
  • Long-term solution with the best value
  • Increase confidence with a stunning smile.

How Do Implants Work?


At Amesbury Dental Associates, we offer a simple process for placing implants. We understand that this procedure might sound intimidating, which is why we strive to educate you about what the experience will be like so you can decide if this is the solution for you.

Our team will conduct x-rays and molds of your teeth and jaw to create a visual of the current state of your gums and bones. We use this to create a plan for the implants.

A dental implant begins with a titanium screw that replaces the root and fits into the jawbone. This minor surgery allows the screw to serve as a base for a crown where we create a realistic tooth. It will function like a real tooth as well!


What is the Cost?


Amesbury Dental Associates places the patient at the center and develops affordable treatment options around your comfort. You can finance this procedure with our affordable payment options.

Schedule a consultation today or visit our customer services to learn more about insurance, financing, and all the options open to you.


What is the difference between Implant Supported Prothesis and Dentures?


Traditional Dentures

Fixed Prothesis

Can fall out

Doesn’t move

Will need to be continually replaced and refitted

Lasts a lifetime

Bone loss can occur under denture

Preserves bone

Bulky and can be uncomfortable

Looks and feels like natural teeth

Requires adhesive to secure

Restores natural biting force

Sores may occur

Sustains the ability to taste food

Is this Right for Me?


If you have lingering questions or doubts, reach out to the team at Amesbury. We offer a free consultation where we can assess your needs and let you know if implants are the right move for you. We then create a custom treatment plan and fully explain the procedure.

Call to set up an implant consultation today!



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