Top Things to Do in Amesbury, MA

Amesbury is more than just a historic mill town. It’s a quaint area where locals and tourists alike can explore the nature and history that Amesbury is filled with. 

Located just 45 minutes outside of Boston, Amesbury is a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Settled in 1642, Amesbury has a rich history that makes the town a perfect exploration destination for any history buff. 

    About Amesbury

    In addition to access to excellent healthcare and lovely historic homes, you’ll also find plenty of activities to keep you having fun and enjoying your time in town. Amesbury is noted for its beautiful countryside that’s teeming with parks, trails, and scenic sites. 

    Any stop in Amesbury, MA is sure to be gorgeous, but check out these highlights you can’t miss.

    Best Activities

    Amesbury River Walk

    Walk or bike along this path to see the beautiful Powow River. This is a popular destination for families to enjoy the outdoors together. 

    Cider Hill Farm

    Pick your own produce and try some delicious homemade treats at this cozy, little farm. This is a perfect activity to take kids to on the weekends!

    Deer Island

    Deer Island is the largest island in Amesbury. It’s accessible by car, and it’s the perfect spot to hike, enjoy nature, fish, or just relax for a day. 

    Barlett Museum 

    Since the town is so historic, it makes sense that they have a museum with much of that iconic history on display. Get transported back to old Amesbury with Colonial and even Victorian replicas. 

    The Macy-Colby House

    If you’re looking to step back in time, consider visiting the Macy-Colby house for the chance to enter one of the oldest homes in town. This house belonged to the Macy family (of the Macy’s store chain).

    R.E. Kimball

    This homey store is stocked full of jams, pickles, and relishes. With historical tools and notoriety for the “watermelon pickle”, this shop is sure to be the perfect place to pick up a souvenir of pickles or jam. You’ll find tasty treats while supporting a local business

    Best Places to Grab a Bite

    There is no shortage of dining options in Amesbury either. This town is working its way up in offering diverse and hip places to eat. With something for everyone, foodies will fall in love with Amesbury’s dining scene. Check out some of these places:

    • Looking for something chill? Try Market Square Bakehouse.
    • In the mood for a good drink? Hop on over to Brewery Silvaticus or Ale House.
    • Vegetarians can find some delicious dining options at Wild Garlic.
    • If a good view is what you’re after, try Blue Moon Kitchen and Bar, which is conveniently located right above the river.
    • A restaurant that captures the quirkiness of the town would be Crave. It has the perfect blend of historical tone and unique menu options.

    Stop by Amesbury for a Fun Time

    While Boston may be the big city that attracts the crowds of tourists, the town of Amesbury is the perfect small town to spend a trip. Spend time outdoors, stepping back in history, or grabbing a delicious meal. Start planning your visit to Amesbury today. 



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