Exploring Newburyport: Interesting Things To Know

Have you ever wanted to live the picturesque New England coastal lifestyle? If so, Newburyport, Massachusetts might be the perfect place for you. 

This city is conveniently located 35 miles north of Boston. It’s full of local small business owners dedicated to giving residents and tourists a memorable experience. The experience is so grand, it sparks interest in living in a community with such strong maritime culture and family values. 

Continue reading below to learn more about what makes Newburyport, Massachusetts a place worth exploring. 

About Newburyport’s Rich History 

Newburyport has a long history of shipping and shipbuilding, extending back to the 1600s. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated preservationists and historians, Newburyport museums, historical tours, monuments, and festivals allow us to learn about and appreciate the city’s history. 

Here are some of our favorite facts about Newburyport’s history:

  1. Plum Island Beach’s sand dunes and marshes were home to New England’s first flying field.
  2. Newburyport was founded in 1635 as part of the “Newberry Plantation.” Today, this is known as Newbury.
  3. This city was the site of the first “Tea Party” revolt against the British Tea Tax.
  4. It’s home to the First State Mint and the Treasury Building.

Experience the Great Outdoors  

Hiking, bicycling, boating, and even skating are just a few of the outdoor activities that are popular in Newburyport. When it comes to beautiful landscapes and scenery, consider the following areas: 

  • Parker River is a nationally renowned wildlife refuge with world-class bird watching opportunities.
  • Maudslay State Park’s paths and gardens are always exciting.
  • For a breathtaking experience, watch the sunset while kayaking on the Merrimack.

Home to Amazing Seafood  

As one would expect from a seaside town, there are several eateries in Newburyport that provide fresh local seafood. 

The downtown Sea Level Oyster Bar, which overlooks Waterfront Park and boasts lovely views of the Merrimack River, features a fantastic assortment of fresh local seafood and a lively atmosphere. Bob Lobster is a must-visit if you appreciate a relaxed New England lobster shack ambiance. On your way out to the beach, stop at Bob Lobster on Plum Island. There are plenty of other wonderful restaurants, but you’ll have to come see for yourself. 


    If you want to enjoy the fun and relaxing lifestyle of the New England coast while learning about its rich history, Newburyport, Massachusetts is the place to be. Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, delicious seafood, historical landmarks, or even find the best dental clinics, this city and its residents will welcome you with open arms.



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